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Declaration of consent
for tapio registration

Within the scope of the time-limited trade fair campaign "APP Plus Pack for Existing Customers“
the following agreement is made between – hereinafter referred to as "Customer“ –

Thank you for registering! We'll be in touch soon.

and – hereinafter „HOMAG“ –
Homagstraße 3-5
72296 Schopfloch

Terms and Conditions

1. If you are not yet registered with tapio, with this document HOMAG will be granted permission to register you with tapio GmbH, Karl-Berner-Str. 4, 72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler („tapio“), using the company data above, and to create a tapio customer account. This permission covers the sharing of your personal data with tapio.

2. Registration with this document is free of charge.

3. By submitting this registration, you agree to the terms of use of tapio

4. A tapio user account is required to use tapio. Therefore, we will create the following user for you (user name listed above).

5. The user named by you in section 4 shall receive an email from tapio to activate their user account. In this step, the user shall assign a password. You can only use your tapio-based services once this email address has been activated.

6. By signing this document, you agree to tapio‘s statutory data protection declaration ( If you purchase tapio services from HOMAG, you allow HOMAG to share order-based data with tapio.

a. Information on how tapio handles your personal data (Article 13 GDPR) can be found at
b. Information on how HOMAG handles your personal data (Article 13 GDPR) can be found at

8. By submitting the registration form above you consent that HOMAG may register the machines specified in the text box above. Alternatively, a tapio expert will be in contact to help you determine what machines are tapio capable and what machine you would like to register on your tapio account.

9. HOMAG may also assign the licenses purchased as part of the App-Plus-Package (see VKNR 1741, 1744, 8707 and 1730 in the appendix) to your tapio customer account).

10. IMPORTANT: You receive these licenses free of charge for the first year. After 12 months the licenses expire automatically. However, you will be informed in time to give you the opportunity to extend the term.

11. HOMAG is permitted to share the name of the above-mentioned tapio user account with tapio in order to link the user and the machines named under section 8 with your newly acquired licenses.

By registering above, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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