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MMR Office

Data Visualization, Machine KPIs, Business Intelligence

Deliver photo-realistic product visualizations to drive buyer confidence.
Ensure seamless manufacturing with accurate data on the shop floor.


MMR Office

Manufacturing KPIs are indispensable to make production efficient and sustainable. They provide information about the current condition of the manufacturing unit in terms of performance and effectiveness. MMR–Machine Monitoring and Reporting–helps determine machine times and conditions, organizes historical data and uses standardized KPIs to provide the perfect basis for decision-making and optimization.


Utilization Overview

Analyze single machine performance with OEE, main usage, performance level, availability and more.


Pareto Analysis

Analyze largest areas of improvement as well as percentage time of machine states.

Analyzing Data
Insight and Clarity

Status Indication

Down to the minute machine status indication. Expands to illustrate years with of performance data.


Output Graphs

Compare yield and OEE, and determine optimum machine output levels.


MMR Office in action!

Wooden Board

Connections and Integrations

Integrations with HOMAG machinery using Stiles integration services



Be Committed to Quality

Systematical measurement of time, states and alarms + creation of standardized KPI‘s per machine. Overview about the current status of the production through clearly and accountable KPI’s

Find the Weakest Link

Identifying of optimization potentials, to increase productivity and output quantity. Optimal usage of the machines through performance monitoring and comparison of machines and shifts

Man at his Desk



Parameter Settings

Customizable parameter settings to track key metrics


Data Colorcoding

Easily identify areas of improvement using color.


Track Improvements

Build a history of machine data to see historical improvements.

"The most obvious advantage MMR Office has provided us has been clear and accurate data. It’s no longer a matter of guessing and institutional knowledge. This is key in making impactful decisions about our business."

– Jason Truscott, Engineering Manager

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