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IWF August 23-26

Simplify. Streamline. Improve.

You are wondering how to navigate labor shortages or transition into the digital production age? With many options in the market, choosing the best solution for your business can be challenging.

Visit us at IWF to talk with experts on the latest software and tech available for the woodworking industry. As an industry leader, Stiles Digital is here to provide digital solutions built around you.

Go behind the scenes

Stiles Digital VIPs at IWF gain access to exclusive content with a behind-the-scenes booth tour and a presentation on Emerging Technologies. The private tour will showcase digital technologies in our booth and running machinery in real-time, followed by a private Q&A session. The Emerging Technologies seminar will help uncover the future of the woodworking industry. Discussion points include labor shortage and the drivers of change in our industry.


VIP members will also speak directly with our industry leaders in MDI (Machine Data Intelligence) processes. Only available with our Digital VIP pass.​


Stiles Digital VIPs will be one of the few to know the future of where the woodworking industry is trending.


Space is limited so register today!

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Stiles Digital Seminars at IWF

My Digital Transformation is centered around the experience of our customers. Our customers have seen the benefits of integrating a digital solution into their production process. This is a great way to interact with peers and hear how digital solutions have impacted their businesses.


Process Engagement is a live demo of cloud-powered production, optimization, MES, and efficiency monitoring. This single demonstration will go through our Cloud-based applications and cover how data is being generated and flowing from the office to the production floor.


Production Lifestyle is focused on identifying bottlenecks within the production process and real-world applications to the solutions available. This single demonstration will outline problems and streamlined ways to resolve those issues. The seminar will also cover types of culture and expectations on engagement from employees in the workplace.


Open discussion is available after each presentation.

Space is limited so register today!

IWF 2022 Digital Themes



Stiles Digital Solutions offer a wide range of software and applications to automate parts of the production process, effectively reducing the chance of human error during the production process.


Labor Shortages

With fewer applicants, it's important to lighten the load for current employees. Software & Digital Solutions ensures that processes from start to end are running efficiently and optimally as humanly possible.


Reduce Human Error

The software does more than make work life more manageable, and software reduces human error and production times and increases productivity.


Online Shopping Solution

The Woodworking industry is constantly becoming more digital. It is essential to adapt to change. Adding an online shopping solution is one more way to connect with customers and increase your sales volume.

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Seminar presentations

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