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Cut Rite V12, now available

Contact us for a custom quote. Special promotion for existing customers available.

Cut Rite

Cut Rite

Standard | Professional | Nesting


Ultimate Flexibility

Cut Rite is compatible with all common industry solutions. Parts list tables in PTX, CSV or XLS format can be transferred with all information at the touch of a button.


Advanced Algorithms

Cut Rite’s calculating engine uses all your computer’s processors. This increases the number of computer operations, achieving optimum results very quickly.



Create quotations and process orders quickly and easily. The parametric product library allows Cut Rite to detail every order,


Tailored User Preferences

Reporting options can be configured to your requirements and all the results clearly portrayed. Key figures are instantly available.

Wooden Board
Connections and Integrations

An agnostic platform that will integrate with most machines or systems. Trouble free integration with all Stiles products.

HOMAG iX   ControllerMES    WoodWOP
Wood Piles

Reduce Scrap and Off Cuts

Cut Rite optimizations and nesting patterns allows both yield and speed managment in job processing to save time and money.

Work Desk

Effectively Control Internal Processes

No more paper or hand-drawn cutting plans. Take control of the optimization and nesting process while controlling inventory levels and board locations.


Connect to machines, automatically generate programs, and seamlessly transfer data to satisfy the design requirements of customers.

Wooden Staircase

Financial Edge

Create cutting patterns based on speed, cost or yield control with ease.


1000+ Companies

 Thousands of companies have benefited from Cut Rite's optimization and nesting technology


25+ Years

World class optimization and nesting solution with decades of experience.

“Our business would die without it! It’s really a one stop software solution that runs multiple applications.”

– Debbie, J B Cutting

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