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Need help material tracking and cost control?
We have a solution for that.

Power of the Cloud in Your Palm

Use the power of the cloud to connect to machines in real-time. Monitor machine states, design and optimize cutting patterns and much more from anywhere in the world.

On the Phone

Powerful Machine Monitoring

Monitor machine efficiency with MMR Office. Parts, quantity and cycles per hour along with OEE and other key metrics can now be monitored and tracked over time to identify bottlenecks and optimize production flow like never before.


The Latest in Design Technology

Proven. Reliable. Intuitive. Do your customers require even shorter delivery times? Increasingly individualized request? With HOMAG iX software, you have the flexibility to deliver to your customers their designs profitably. A software solution should support your entire process: planning and presentation, design and manufacturing. It must be able to adapt to changing customer requirements during the process.

Data on a Touch Pad

Bridging the Office-to-Production Gap

Gain control over your production process by bridging the gap between the office and production team. Monitor and maintain a steady flow of production while balancing overall workload and parts production based on current actual machine capacities.

Optimize and Nest Patterns

The worldwide leading software for optimizing cutting operations for Panel Saws or Nested-based Routers. This powerful, user-friendly program optimizes manufacturing productions for speed or waste, significantly reducing overall cutting costs.

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Smiling Businessman

“The Stiles team in North America and Germany have been amazing. Honestly - the ability to communicate and improve the tools has been an experience that I will always remember. It felt like we were one team trying to create the best product. It’s been a very meaningful experience and I am very grateful to the entire Stiles team."

-Todd Brodsky, CEO of Open Standard


On site software and services coaching, guiding and integration.


Data Development

Support for data development, project specific or time based.


Maintenance & Support

Subscriptions for service maintenance and upgrades. 24-hour support.



Online and onsite training with our digital solutions experts.

Stiles Machinery is the premier supplier of the latest digital solutions to the woodworking industry. Solution offerings range from locally installed to cloud-based and range from shop to advanced-level solutions

The Digital Revolution

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